Nacho Cheese Beef Wrap



1 pound ground beef, lean.

1 cup Nacho Cheese Sauce

½ cup Sour Cream

1 can Rotel, green chilis with diced tomatoes

½ cup chopped green peppers

½ cup diced onions

1 packet Taco Seasoning Mix

Doritos, Nacho Cheese flavored, crushed

4 flour tortilla wraps

Shredded lettuce

🍂How To Make Nacho Cheese Beef Wrap

In a skillet, crumble and brown the ground beef

Cook thoroughly, drain excess fat

Add in the onions, peppers and saute for 4 minutes

Add in the Taco seasoning packet and stir

Add the Rotel and Nacho Cheese Sauce in a bowl

Stir well

Lay four large tortillas out on the counter

Spoon a layer of the nacho cheese mix down the center of each tortilla

Top with some meat mixture, sour cream, onions, peppers, crushed Doritos

Fold in the sides of the tortillas and roll up like you would a burrito.

Heat another skillet on medium heat

Place the wraps into the skillet and toast until crispy on both sides

Serve immediately, topped with your favorite toppings.